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Hayden and Max form The Special Skins


Max is a meathead. He disdains his own failure, always pursuing new ways to make money. A self-starter, Max was once an accomplished entrepreneur who lived in Wall Street’s fast lane on private jets with luxurious models. Then it came crashing down around him, and he finds himself today in a New York apartment with his childhood friends.

Hayden and Max form The Special Skins


Hayden is so cute he hates kids, because kids offer competition. He is tech savvy with an encyclopedic knowledge of nerd culture and an insatiable need to grow his web presence on Twitter and on blogs. In fact online he is a different person altogether, the king of snark, and as the former child star of popular TV show “We’re A Family,” in which he played the family’s adopted son, Hayden wants nothing more than to escape his past and make himself over. Hayden 2.0.

Hayden and Max form The Special Skins


Castro is a typical artist, blocked and good with women. He is a Latin American lothario who got so distracted over the years by women and wine that instead of art he now runs a dive bar on the Lower East Side. What he lacks in inspiration he more than makes up for in reappropriating other people’s style. Women throw themselves at Castro and he catches, but it’s catch and release until he finds his true muse.


Blasjev is the Special Skins' eccentric old Polish landlord. He loves “his boys” and often stops by to collect late rent checks or play Mahjong, or his Polish folk records. There are many wise old tales about his native Poland to share, often disturbing.

Sock Puppets

The Sock Puppets are an infestation of ethnic extremes. They are an underclass to the Special Skins and represent base ethnic stereotypes, real and invented: neurotic Jews, Indian help desk operators, Eskimos who sneeze with their face uncovered, snobbish Frenchmen, and immigrant Mexicans. They meet the Special Skins after infesting their building, and often help them out when the situation arises.

Dr. Geoffrey Dunham, PhD

Dr. Dunham is the Special Skins’ self-proclaimed nemesis or at least that’s the way he sees it. Dr. Dunham is a lonely scientist, and ventriloquism aficionado, who demands respect, but is seldom granted. He schemes against the Special Skins, who “upset the order of the world,” and often those schemes are flimsy excuses to form a relationship with them, the closest to friendship he’s ever been.