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About The Special Skins

Hayden and Max form The Special Skins

The Story

Their births were a national phenomenon, people who look like puppets. These guys had the world in the felt of their hands but then lost it all. Victims of genetics, and then their own fame, now they only have each other.

The Look

Hipsterized hand / rod puppets will be shot next to human actors in front of a green screen. Backgrounds will be a combination of photo collage and Photoshop paint, creating a trippy abstract world. Flash and After Effects animation will be used for random visual jokes, complex crowd scenes and as a tool to help tell stories with different forms of characters. Exteriors will be shot live action to capture the city vibe.

The Format

11-minute episodes that combine succinct stories with streams of consciousness, skewed takes on pop culture, and a knack for the absurd in a fast-paced mash-up sitcom. Twisting the conventions of television will pace the humor and keep things fresh, featuring confessionals, fly on the wall shooting, traditional sitcom shooting and snorricam shots.

The Meta

The twenties are the new teens for Generation Y. They're faced with trying to come of age in a culture that celebrates the adolescent. They want beautiful women, money and fame because that's what they were promised. It's a series about the unfulfilled wishes of the post-Great Recession generation. Hipsters with rapidly eroding trust funds told they could do whatever they want only to find themselves disappointed with what they have.