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25 and Up: Special Skins Exposed

Hayden and Max form The Special Skins

Castro, Hayden, and Max are interviewed for an ongoing documentary that updates the Special Skins' lives every seven years.

A probing British narrator explores each of the Special Skins' scandal-filled pasts: the collapse of Max’s financial empire, including old footage of his life of excess in the era of greed; Hayden’s past as the star of a kids friendly TV show, followed with a descent into B-list celebrity embarrassment; and Castro’s rise as the toast of the art world to his demise as a washed-up bartender with a creative block.

Dr. Geoffery Dunham is likewise interviewed to give scientific and historical context to the nature of Special Skins. By the end the Special Skins are forced to confront shared demons that leave them squirming on camera.

Castro's Commune

Castro becomes the dictator of a socialist commune in the apartment, and Max uses his last good credit card to win back his ex-wife.

Castro’s open relationship with two women leads to them moving into the apartment. All three invade Hayden’s space, but he comes to accept the arrangement when one of the girls develops a crush on him and Castro shares the love.

Meanwhile, Max seeks out his ex-wife Natalia, an ex-communist gold digger from Russia, to impress her with the help of his last remaining black Amex card. Back at the apartment, Castro turns the sharing of goods turns into rationing. Max takes Natalia out for an expensive dinner and his credit card is declined because Castro has been using it.

Max and Natalia return to the apartment where Max finds Castro’s hidden stash of goods bought with his credit card. At the sight of the corruption and rationing, Natalia fears a return to her humble beginnings in Soviet Russia and flees the apartment with Hayden and the two girls.


Hayden and Max form The Special Skins

Hayden invents a new iPhone technology that Max steals and sells to investors at a porn convention.

Hayden invents an app called the iPresident with augmented reality that super imposes the clothing of former Presidents onto people that you view through your phone. He admits to Max that he could just as easily undress people with the new technology.

Max steals his phone and uses cheap sock puppet laborers to create that effect, naming it the iPerv. Max peddles the iPerv to investors at a porn convention, but with revenge on his mind, Hayden sabotages the app right before the sock puppets test the app on Castro’s yoga class filled with attractive women. The sock puppets bring the photos to Max at the porn convention, but when he unveils them to a crowded ballroom they are nothing but pictures of naked Presidents in yoga positions.

Angry Electronica

Hayden and Max form The Special Skins

Hayden is revealed as the vanguard of a popular but controversial new music trend, but when the curtain is pulled on the puppet master the anger turns against him.

“Angry Electronica”, a controversial new music that inflames teenage angst, mixes sounds of pain and anger with a danceable techno beat. Hayden admits to his roommates that he is DJ ARGH! , the mysterious leader of the movement who posts songs on a blog. Castro eagerly asks to collaborate with Hayden musically, but his very hippie influences don’t mesh with the format. Max discovers Hayden heavily samples his frequent outbursts and uses them in songs. In retaliation he becomes spokesman for the protest group M.A.M.M.I.E.S.- Mothers Against Mad Music If Electronically Sampled. Hayden stages his first performance, cloaking himself from the audience, but his computer malfunctions. The music slows to normal pace and the cloak is pulled down, exposing Hayden as a geeky poser, and Max’s voice as the source of the angry lyrics to the songs. The agitated crowd turns on Hayden; the angry protestors turn on Max. Castro takes to the stage playing hippie music to sedate the crowd, but it only angers them to riot.

Juggalo Meat

Castro gives up on vegetarianism, but not until he goes out to try to kill his first piece of meat with his own hands, which ends up in an epic battle for survival between the Juggalos and the Na’vi.

Max, a former survivalist, agrees to aid Castro on his first hunt for meat as he feels obligated to participate in the food cycle as an enlightened omnivore. Hayden invites himself, and his tribe of Avatar nerds along. Castro tries to kill a bear, but Max’s gun jams, then the bear chases them into the woods where they happen upon a Juggalo festival.

At the sight of the festival Hayden’s Na’vi tribe weeps over the defilement of nature and starts to pray. Castro seizes the opportunity to make his meat kill by entering the Juggalo’s 5th annual cow boxing competition. Hayden prays to Eywa then his tribe attacks the festival. Amid the chaos, Castro beats the cow senseless in the ring with Max in his corner as his trainer. Just then the bear rampages onto the festival grounds, answering Hayden’s Na’vi prayer. It swings momentum away from the Juggalos, and inside the ring momentum also swings in favor of the cow, who rope-a-dopes Castro and scores a clean knockout.

Crisis in Albania – TSS Fundraiser

The Special Skins start a charity as a plea for attention, and are forced to take in an Albanian Special Skin refugee.

Castro, Hayden and Max are outraged by a celebrity’s shameless exploitation of the cause to fight third world slavery of Special Skins to garner more attention. They feel that they deserve that attention and create their own charity to aid and rescue victims of Albanian Special Skins trafficking. They stage a telethon fundraiser where a young Albanian boy phones in and is promised a home. The next day the young boy is at the Special Skins' doorstep. Each of them uses his presence as an excuse to spend charity money on their own selfish needs, sending him out on errands to buy expensive things. The charity violations are uncovered as they are being honored at a fundraiser, punctuated when the Albanian Special Skin brings them their expensive requests in front of a shocked crowd.

Japanese Restaurant

Max opens a trendy sushi restaurant, co-owned by a Japanese mob boss, but the opening turns raw when the mob boss’s plans for skinning the Special Skins are revealed, Castro sleeps with the boss’s wife and a tiger is let loose.

Max is forced to hire Castro at the last minute to work the kitchen of his latest co-venture, a swank sushi restaurant. His investor, an angry Japanese mob boss, is accompanied by his very flirtatious wife, a stoic bodyguard, and a giant pet tiger to the grand opening. Hayden babysits the tiger in the basement of the restaurant while upstairs the mob boss’s wife comes on to Castro in the kitchen.

In the main room, Max contends with an unruly crowd of famous Japanese comedians full of pranks. The tiger warms to Hayden when he recognizes Hayden as the star of his favorite TV show. He warns Hayden that the Japanese bodyguard plans on killing the Special Skins for their felt skins, the missing ingredient to a powerful Japanese aphrodisiac. Max stomps in the kitchen demanding to know what the hold-up is on the food, Hayden comes to warn them both, Castro is caught red-handed and the bodyguard attacks defending his boss’s honor. The tiger roars into the kitchen, set loose as a “prank” by one of the comedians, and saves the Special Skins by pouncing on the bodyguard. The restaurant gets a bad review for slow service.